At Dental Studio GTA, our dentists in Brampton and Georgetown are committed to providing a thorough assessment of your dental health. Our comprehensive exam is designed to ensure you receive the best care from highly skilled dental professionals.


Our comprehensive exams include advanced X-ray technology. Our dentists in Brampton and Georgetown utilize these tools to effectively identify and address any dental health concerns, ensuring you receive the most thorough care possible.


Our dedicated dentists will develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific dental needs. Whether you’re visiting our Brampton or Georgetown locations, you’ll receive top-tier dental advice and care.

Special $239 Dental Exam Offer for Our Brampton and Georgetown Patients!

We’re excited to offer our patients in Brampton and Georgetown an exclusive comprehensive dental exam package for only $239. This offer, valued between $596 and $670, includes various essential dental services, providing comprehensive care for your oral health.

What's included for $239?

Our $239 promotion covers all the essentials of dental health. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Comprehensive Exam: An in-depth examination to evaluate your oral health.
  2. X-rays: Comprehensive x-rays of both front and back teeth for a complete dental overview.
  3. Panoramic X-ray: A full view of your oral cavity for a complete assessment.
  4. Scaling/Cleaning: Professional cleaning to remove plaque and tartar, enhancing gum health.
  5. Fluoride Treatment (optional): Strengthen your teeth and prevent decay with this optional treatment.
  6. Follow-up Exam: Ensures your dental health is continually monitored.

Breakdown of Dental Exam Inclusions & options cross all locations

Service Description Regular Price* Promo Price
Comprehensive dental exam $178 Included
X-rays (4 x-rays of back teeth)* $59 Included
X-rays (6 x-rays of front teeth)* $80 Included
Panoramic X-ray $82 Included
3 units of scaling (45 min cleaning) $197 Included
Fluoride (subject to recommendation) $38 Optional
Follow-up Exam $36 Included
Total: $596 - $670 $239

*Regular prices reflective of adult permanent dentition – xrays and treatment plans may vary based on patient needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services are included in the $239 promotion?

The $239 promotion offers comprehensive dental care including a comprehensive exam, x-rays (both back and front teeth), a panoramic x-ray, scaling/cleaning, a follow-up exam, and an optional fluoride treatment. This package is carefully curated to ensure a thorough and complete approach to your dental health.

Is this offer available with all dentists at your Brampton and Georgetown locations?

Absolutely! This promotion is available at all of our five locations starting January 25th. You can view our locations here.

When does this promotional offer end?

Our $239 dental promotion is an ongoing offer starting from January 25, without a specific end date. We recommend booking your appointment soon to take advantage of this exceptional value.

Are insurance payments accepted for this promotion?

Yes, we accept various forms of insurance for this promotion. In Canada, many dental insurance plans cover a portion of dental services. We advise checking with your provider to understand your coverage. Our clinic staff are also available to assist you with insurance-related queries.

Can I book an appointment with a specific dentist in Brampton or Georgetown?

Definitely! You can book your appointment at any of our five clinics with your preferred dentist. Each clinic offers the same high-quality care and promotional pricing. Simply let us know your preferred location when scheduling your appointment. If you’re not sure which clinic is the best fit, simply call any of our clinics or email us and it will be a pleasure to help find the perfect clinic and dentist for your needs.

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