Teeth Whitening: Zoom! and Venus White®

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Teeth Whitening
$ 195 Regular price ($415)
  • Promotional Price: $195 with comprehensive exam
  • Fastest Teeth Whitening Option
  • Available at 3 Locations
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Venus White®

Teeth Whitening
$ 100 Off Regular Price
  • Savings: $100 off with a comprehensive exam
  • Gentle Teeth Whitening Experience
  • Available at 3 locations

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Visit one of our participating locations and experience the effects of Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed, a system designed to whiten your teeth by 8 shades, in just 45 minutes!Or whiten your smile, using one of three different Venus whitening technologies and achieve a whiter smile in an hour!

What is Zoom!™?

Zoom!™ is a teeth whitening process that can improve the discoloration or lightening of enamel or dentin.

What to expect?

Zoom!™ in office teeth whitening is a quick and painless procedure.  The Zoom!™ light activated whitening gel contains hydrogen peroxide.  During the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide, oxygen enters the enamel and dentin, bleaching any colored substance while maintaining the tooth’s structure. The Zoom!™ light activates the hydrogen peroxide, allowing it to penetrate the tooth surface, creating no pain or discomfort to your teeth.The procedure takes about an hour!

Can I do this from home?

Zoom!™ also offers an at home whitening alternative. The take home gel system is designed to be worn between four and eight hours daily, per application, as recommended by your dentist.  Your dentist will also let you know how many applications are suitable for you.


Venus White® is a teeth whitening system that offers a variety of at home and in-office products that provide amazing results, to satisfy all patients needs!Venus White® offers three different levels of whitening:Venus White® Max in-office whiteningVenus White® Pro take-home whitening for custom traysVenus White® Ultra pre-filled, disposable whitening trays

How does it work?

The Venus White® teeth whitening kit, uses peroxide, an agent that releases oxygen molecules that break up the protein chains that contain tooth stains.  By activating the peroxide with light, it travels through the protein links and whitens the teeth.

What to expect

The in-office procedure is about an hour. The at home whitening kits are designed to be worn between 30 minutes to an hour, per application.  Your dentist will recommend the appropriate number of applications and number of times each is worn.Fill out the form to get your FREE whitening consultation* today!*Whitening products and pricing vary per location.

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